Public offer

Public offer

PUBLIC CONTRACT-OFFER for the provision of educational services

Moscow is valid from" 01 " March 2020.

Autonomous Non-profit organization of Additional Professional Education " Universal University "(License for educational activities, license registration number 040244, issued by the Department of Education of Moscow Moscow 08.08.2019 G., indefinitely) in the person of the Director Cherkes-zade Ekaterina Vadimovna, acting on the basis of the Charter, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, on the one hand, publishes the proposal to conclude the contract on rendering of educational services, the terms of which are listed below (hereinafter the Agreement), to the individuals willing to use the services of the Contractor, hereinafter referred to as the Customer, together referred to as Parties.

1. General provisions

1.1. This offer is a public offer of the Contractor and contains all the essential conditions for the provision of paid educational services.

1.2. The Contract-offer is addressed to individuals who have expressed their willingness to use the services of the Contractor.

1.3. In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, in the event of acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below and payment for services, the individual who accepts this offer becomes the Customer.

1.4. The date of full and unconditional acceptance of the offer of the Contractor to enter into a Contract (i.e. acceptance of the offer), in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 3 of article 438 of the civil code, is considered to be payment to the provider. To make a payment, you must select the payment option and pay for educational services in the amount set by the Contractor and posted on the website on the pages with descriptions of educational programs at the link:

1.5. By accepting the offer in accordance with the procedure specified in clause 1.4., the Customer guarantees that he is familiar with the terms of the offer and accepts them.

1.6. Acceptance of the offer is equivalent to the conclusion of a bilateral agreement in writing on the terms set out in the offer agreement.

1.7. By accepting the offer, the Customer guarantees that he has reached the age of 18 and has the legal rights to enter into contractual relations with the Contractor.

1.8. The Contractor has the right to make changes to the terms of the offer agreement unilaterally, which become effective from the moment of their publication on the Contractor's website.

1.9. The contract concluded by accepting this offer is regulated by the norms of civil legislation on the contract of accession (Article 428 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation), since its terms are defined by the Contractor in this offer and can be accepted by any person only by joining the proposed Contract as a whole.

1.10. The Contract may be concluded by the Customer, who is the legal representative of a minor, in the interests of a minor, hereinafter referred to as the Student, who will be the direct recipient of educational services.

1.11. Information about the Customer / Student (last name, first name, patronymic (if any), phone number, place of residence, e-mail address) is filled in by the Customer in the Questionnaire on the Contractor's website and in case of acceptance of this offer by the Customer becomes an integral part of the Contract. If you do not fill in the information about the Student in the Questionnaire, it is considered that the direct recipient of educational services is the Customer.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. Under this Agreement, the Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer/Student with educational services in accordance with the additional educational program chosen by them: additional education/additional professional education (hereinafter referred to as the Educational Program/Educational programs).

2.2. All Educational Programs (program, form of training, duration of training, cost) are published on the Contractor's website at the link:

  • Short-term educational programs of full-time and part-time education< / li>

2.3. Educational programs can be provided using distance learning technologies.

2.4. The total period of training of the Customer / Student is determined by the order of enrollment and the order of expulsion of the Contractor; the period of training in the academic year is determined by the orders of the Contractor.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties < / p>

3.1. The Contractor undertakes to:

3.1.1. After accepting this offer, enroll the Customer/Student who has fulfilled the conditions of admission established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Charter, and local regulations of the Contractor as a student.

3.1.2. Bring to the Customer information containing information about the provision of paid educational services in the manner and under the conditions provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.1.3. Organize and ensure the proper provision of educational services provided for in this Agreement. Educational services are provided in accordance with the chosen Educational Program.

3.1.4. Provide the Customer / Student with the conditions for its development provided for by the selected educational program.

3.1.5. Save space for the Customer/Students who miss classes for valid reasons (in this case, the fee for missed classes is not returned to the Customer).

3.1.6. Accept payment from the Customer for educational services.

3.1.7. Provide the Customer / Student with respect for human dignity, protection from all forms of physical and mental violence, and personal insults.

3.1.8. After successful development by the Customer/Students of the educational program should be issued to the Customer/Student a document of the established sample, confirming the receipt of education in the selected educational program. The Customer / Student who did not pass the final certification or received unsatisfactory results at the final certification, as well as the Customer/Student who mastered part of the educational program and was expelled by the Contractor, is issued a certificate of training.

3.2. The Contractor has the right to:

3.2.1. Independently determine and adjust the scope, nomenclature, sequence and distribution of academic subjects, disciplines (modules), within the Educational Program, establish assessment systems, forms, procedure and frequency of intermediate certification of the Customer/Student (if applicable to the selected Educational Program). The corresponding changes are published on the electronic resources, including social networks, of the Performer.

3.2.2. Apply incentive measures and disciplinary measures to the Customer/Student in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, this Agreement and local regulations of the Contractor.

3.2.3. Require compliance by the Customer/Students of the Rules of the educational schedule and other local acts of the Performer.

3.2.4. Do not allow the Customer/Student to attend classes in case of violation of the Rules of the training Schedule and / or the Rules for using resource centers.

3.2.5. The Contractor may, without the consent of the Customer,/Students and without payment of remuneration, but with the indication of the author's name, use for educational, informational, scientific and research purposes the results of the intellectual activity of the Customer/Student obtained in the course of the performance of this Agreement, including such works that contain any information about the Performer.

3.3. The Customer / Student has the right to:

3.3.1. To receive knowledge and training corresponding to the current level of development of science, technology and culture.

3.3.2. Take part in all types of research and consulting work, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, festivals held by the Contractor.

3.3.3. Use the Contractor's property necessary for the development of the Educational Program in accordance with the procedure established by local regulations.

3.3.4. Contact the Contractor on issues related to the educational process.

3.3.5. Use all the rights provided for by the Federal Law" On Education in the Russian Federation " of 29.12.2012 No. 273-FZ, where applicable.

3.4. The Customer / Student undertakes to:

3.4.1. Conscientiously master the Educational Program, including: attend classes in accordance with the academic schedule, perform tasks to prepare for classes in the Educational Program, and perform other actions aimed at its successful development.

3.4.2. To take care of the equipment and property of the Contractor used in the educational process.

3.4.3. Comply with the requirements of the Charter, the Rules of the training Schedule, the Rules of Use of resource centers and other local acts of the Contractor.

3.4.4. Comply with the requirements set out in Article 43 of Federal Law No. 273-FZ of 29.12.2012 "On Education in the Russian Federation".

3.4.5. Comply with the requirements of the rules and regulations of safety, fire safety, requirements aimed at maintaining cleanliness, order in the premises and the safety of the Contractor's property and other local regulations of the Contractor.

3.4.6. To compensate for the damage caused to the Contractor's property, in accordance with the norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4. Payment procedure

4.1. The cost of paid educational services is indicated on the Contractor's website with a description of the relevant educational programs at the link

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