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Plamena — Facets

Anastasia Karaulova

“This record’s concept was based on the idea that every person has a lot of facets. In my eyes, Facets is about limitations, barriers, doubts, fears, which often prevent us from doing something. It’s as if we are afraid to give in to our emotions, to go with the flow, and start regretting, worrying that we were too presumptuous. But should we always live by the book? Why is it so bad to make mistakes? It very well may be that the happiness and freedom that we dream about so much, are only achieved when you let yourself go and allow yourself to be happy.
Have fun listening, Let’s fly!”

Facets album is a complete story, that begins with fear, transitions into the stage of doubt, and, after finding the way, comes to a liberating conclusion. Have fun listening, Let’s fly!”

I hope that everyone can find something for themselves in my songs, feel, live through it, and start to believe again. Have fun listening, Let’s fly!”

Have fun listening, Let’s fly!”

Plamena — «Грани»
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